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Italy is the country of Dante, the Medicis, Michaelangelo, Botticelli. Heart of the Roman empire, birthplace of the Renaissance, our country is dripped in history. Everywhere you look there is stunning beauty to behold. The Vatican still famously rules Rome and you can shop till you drop in the most exquisite shops, from Prada to Pucci - a fashion paradise.

You can visit the most spectacular cities, see the most amazing landscapes, swim in majestic lakes, or dive in the blue sea and wonder along the coast, Italy has it all.

Food is out of this world, from tagliatelle and cannoli to the wonderful salads and rich meat, all accompanied by the best Italian wines. The Italians take great pride in their food. Come and visit Italy with us!


Unico DMC

Unico DMC
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Michael Velasco

Michael Velasco

Michael Velasco
Unico DMC


More about Unico DMC

Unico DMC:

We are one of the best DMC in Italy and beyond. A partner for Incentives, Events, Groups and VIPS!

We handle all services with ease, expertise and passion everywhere! Including Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Milan, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Puglia plus all areas in the South, Centre and North of Italy.

With proficiency and professionalism we always aim to create and offer special experiences and unique emotions. We are comfortable handling large, medium and small sized groups and skilled at organizing and managing both complex and simple projects. Always reliable we carefully listen to your specific needs and create excellent bespoke travel solutions. We are a creative DMC with more than 30 years experience, a superb and trusted family of handpicked suppliers!

UNICO is:  Experiences, Passion, Emotions


Travel facts Italy

Currency Euro
Language Italian
Local time GMT (London) +1.00hours
Public holidays Public holidays in Italy
Climate in  Italy Weather in Italy
Visa & Passport Passport and visa information Italy

Travel highlights


The Acropolis is simply stunning and a must see. It is one of the world's most breathtaking ancient ruins. The Acropolis has also opened a museum which is well worth a visit. 


Plaka is very picturesque.  The narrow streets, the quaint houses and romantic little restaurants and shops form the perfect backdrop for wandering and enjoying what Athens has to offer.

The ancient Agora was the marketplace. Still stunning today, it used to be where people from Athens gathered each day to listen to public speaking and events and meetings. 

 Athens Flea market
Whatever you need, you can find here. Worth a stroll through and who know what delights you might find.


Latest Travel news Italy

The latest travel news in Italy, which might be useful for when you plan your next event, incentive or group to Italy.

For the latest airline news, hotel news and cruise news in Italy


Wherever in Italy you wish to organise your event or incentive our knowledge, our solid & reliable experience; our tried and tested hand—picked suppliers enables us to surprise you! We are always seeking and discovering original venues for F&B, activities, meetings, gala dinners, award ceremonies  or just to simply enjoy the experience of being somewhere truly unique that no one else can find...

And no matter how remote or off the beaten track we deliver  superb Experiences and special Emotions  together with our expertise our know-how and our Passion for travel. 


Experiencing a unique and special activity is an important part of any incentive or event. It is one of the highlights for people participating. It is a huge reward that is impossible to do alone. UNICO DMC is an expert in creating, operating and delivering these experiences all over Italy. For small, medium and large groups - with an eye on the details to fully enjoy the right emotions always!

Food & Gastronomy by UNICO DMC

FOOD...Without a doubt it is one of Italy's most famous exports! For any incentive, event, special group anywhere in Italy, it is one of the highlights & one of the aspects people most look forward to! Selecting, organising and delivering the right venue, the menu & service is critical to the success & enjoyment. This is one of UNICO DMC's special and unique TALENTS!

Fun Activities by UNICO DMC

Driving vintage sports cars, riding vintage Vespas, sailing, hot air balloons, learning archery, cycling through hidden streets, exploring with eco friendly golf cars. Just some examples of what we do extremely well – ALL OVER ITALY. We always meet the client’s specific needs and preferences and carefully listen to needs: taking into account budget, tastes, logistics and how to best achieve unique experiences. We stay pro-active and never stumped for a good idea!


To become an exceptional Destination Management Company, a DMC with a superior set of skills and services, we need to be constantly improving & seeking the unusual & the special! Always with a close eye on quality, suitability, flexibility and emotional content. And be able to meet your needs and preferences whether you wish your guests to experience luxury or simple and genuine traditions. We know exactly how to do this all over Italy and to suit all preferences!

Fashion , Style & Shopping by UNICO DMC

Art & fashion, style & the “Dolce Vita” are all synonymous of Italy. Just to mention the fact that shoes, a suit, hand bag, coat, jumper or shirt are Italian Made or Italian Designed means also that they are both high quality and original. At UNICO we are proud to be experts in this. Be it organising a private Fashion Show as part of a special evening or helping guests do some serious shopping be it bespoke or as a group and cut through the touristy stuff!

Team Building & Group Activities by UNICO DMC

Team activities which are fun, responsible, original & which give everyone the chance to experience something that uses Italy’s uniqueness: beaches, countryside, cities, food, wine, art, history, fashion. All while creating and sharing great emotions & networking positively to help unify a group - no matter how large or diverse its individual participants may be. This is the goal of successful Team Building and Group aActivities.  We are passionate and expert creators of unique tailored experiences always with a careful eye on the special emotions and unique experiences these can provide.


Sustainability & Responsible Travel By UNICO DMC

Not just because it is now an important growing trend but because you can, with the right partner like UNICO DMC, manage an event, incentive, activities and travel responsibly! Help to contribute to Mother Earth’s needs & nevertheless enjoy great experiences for your event, incentive, travel needs! We consider always the impact on the environment for our all ideas, our products, services & suppliers. 

Gala Dinners by UNICO DMC

Gala Dinners require Faultless Timing; Excellent Catering, very well Planned Logistics & overall Service and assistance beyond expectations. In addition to also providing great Production Services: video, audio, lights, stage, entertainment and organisational skills which are grounded on solid experience and reliable tried and tested suppliers. All of this with the ability of being creative and always keeping attention to details. At all times providing good clear communication and vision together with a careful check on the budget...These essential components and skills are expertly managed by us and are delivered perfectly!!